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About the Faculty

Engineering and architecture applications are professions which have offered solutions and facilitated human life from the beginning of humanity to the present day. Technological advances, which are now taking place at a dizzying pace, affect societies not only technically but also socially. Therefore, Engineering and Architecture Faculties, in which engineering and architectural education programs are structured and implemented, are the leading basic and dynamic elements of universities.

Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture gives lectures in Architecture, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Biomedical Engineering Departments.


The basic mission of our faculty is to educate architects, interior architects and environmental designers and engineers who have the ability to think analytically, are open to development, innovative, entrepreneurial; who can create differences, are environmentally conscious, depend on ethical values and who respect human rights.


According to the knowledge gained by contemporary science and technology according to social needs; to be a faculty which develops projects in order to produce solutions and provide industrial contribution, to care about interdisciplinary cooperation, to be accepted at national and international level, in this sense to continuously update the education-training infrastructure and to be a preferred faculty.


• To bring education and training programs in the fields of architecture and engineering into functional status suitable for technological developments and accreditation,

• To educate graduates who have the ability of analytical thinking, the basic knowledge of science, mathematics and programming, necessary for research and application

• To gradute students who have adopted lifelong learning in areas related to architecture and engineering and ready for application and research after graduation,

• In the field of architecture and engineering; preparing the highest quality designs and projects for the development and happiness of the society, particularly the region where it is located; and to transfer its results with industry-university collaboration into the daily life,

• Conducting scientific research activities for the publication by closely following the international and national scientific developments and organizations,

• To develop entrepreneurial graduates who can adapt to interdisciplinary working environments, take initiatives and have the leadership skills,

• To raise architects and engineers who are open to development, innovative, can create differences, are environmentally conscious, are committed to ethical values, have professional and social responsibility and are respectful to human rights.