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From the Deputy Rector

Dear Students,

Universities are the institutions that universalize the values ​​they produce, and mobilize them for the problems of mankind.

University is the center of innovation. It is the solution for the unresolved problems of mankind. University is a place where the knowledge is produced, where the produced knowledge turns into consciousness. Universities, with its people who value their country’s heritage and reinforce the communication with society, with its homeland and culture, are valuable centers.

University is the future hope of young generation, university is the place where young generation’s dream will come true, where young generation meets their ideal professions and where life will be prepared in the best manner.

As Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University, we are the center of this consciousness, we are the meeting place of all the components of the ideal university identity. We see our young people, our nationality and its very precious members as being our cause. Your future goals, your dreams, your confidence, your country, your commitment to our nation, your pursuit of right, law and justice in the name of all humanity are our priorities.

As of 2009, sticking to culture and understanding of a foundation which are the inventions of our civilization, keeping the responsibility of being a university which concerns caliber and quality all the time without losing its dinamic state, we are here to form a generation with self-confidence, strength and quality and we are ready for all devotions for this goal.

We want you to be ready as well, and we are walking with you to your goal with sure steps ...

I wish you the best of luck and every success in your path.

Prof. İ. Yaşar Hacısalihoğlu

'To live the privilege of having an ID of Yeni Yüzyıl University'