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The Dean's Message

I congratulate our students who prefer our faculty with the ideal of being a good jurist by constantly reading and researching.

Do not forget that the coexistence of life requires a social order. In this respect, the goal and the aim of the state is to ensure the social peace and to enable the members of the society to live in a virtuous and happy environment. Here, in the direction of this acceptance; the LAW is social values ​​and social maturity that have become to ''NORM''. The rules adopted by social acceptance with the transformation of social phenomenon into normality will become lawful and have been supported by the State's enforcement powers, which have the qualification of lawful order. From now on, the Code of Law, which has been supported by the State's sanctioned power, will cover every phase of our lives, sometimes as a sign of ''red traffic light'' on the footpath, sometimes as a sign of ''slince'' when walking in a hospital’s corridors. The social order imposed by cohabitation will only be possible if the members of the society comply with the norms of NORMATIVE behavior.

You will take an active role in the implementation of these rules as the jurist of the future and in the solution of the disputes that will arise between the person and person or person and public. In short, you are individuals who will assume the task and responsibility in the forefront of the realization of JUSTICE, which is the basic sanctuary of the law and its ultimate goal.

Your success in this sacred mission and contributing to the realization of JUSTICE, the idea of law, is only possible when you work hard, become a well-educated jurist and stay away from personal interests, unlawful ideas and ideological perspectives.

I especially want you to know that; our training in education is serious, and our efforts in practice have shown outstanding success of our graduated students in the Judge and Prosecutor Examinations since the end of 2014-2015 and that make us proud. This is also a clear evidence of our faculty's awareness in Legal Education.

We hope these all, same to you


Prof. Celal ERBAY