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The Message of the Coordinator

Our Language School has adopted a contemporary approach regarding language education. In this context, we provide foreign language teaching to our students without “being foreign” to it by taking the latest developments in the field into consideration. Learning is an individual activity. In teaching a foreign language, for the outcome of all language skills aimed at, multidisciplinary approach is taken. English courses in Preparatory School, English lessons with credits as well as English for Specific Purposes are provided within the understanding and practice of a modern language education. Our programme is revised based on active learning principle every year and in any time available. Our teaching method shaped with the purposes of creating a student-centered, interactive, sharing environment aiming to use the language skills within all written and spoken aspects of the language. We expect our students to be active and participating in all stages of learning since the language that is not practiced cannot be learned. Therefore, our relationship with our students is not limited to the classroom practice and a holistic approach where the language learning process is considered continuous is taken. We, as members of School of Foreign Languages, are side to side with our students in all stages of learning and glad to offer help where and when necessary during and after the education offered here and both academic or non-academic context. We invite you all to our university to become our solution partner and to be a part of “Language Partnership”, “Teaching Foreign Languages Consultancy and Academic Guidance (DEDAR)”.