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The Dean's Message

Dear students;

I congradulate you from the dephts of my heart, as I know very well that you left behind a challenging exam; you succeded and gained the right to become a medical student. Here you are, taking your first step to profession that draws its strenght from the love towards humanity. With other words a profession that rises on the love towards humanity and therefore is crowned by the ulitmate dignity. You became students of the Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University. You chose to be our students. Your choice makes us proud.

As you may be very well aware that the developments in the field of medicine are more frequent as ever; coming at an unprecedented pace. In this context, medical education is re-evaluated and gaining a new form and content in a global level. Therefore we determined our program to provide an education / training model in accordance with the Bologna Criteria applied in developed countries.

This program is based on a student-centered integrated system and aims to provide students with the basic medical knowledge and skills within the theory and practical integrity.

With the awareness that this will not be enough, it is also a duty to ensure that these knowledge and skills are reinforced by being fed with social sciences, ethics and computers.

Our aim is that our students have acquired the skills of effective information, have learned the ways of accessing information, equipped with reasoning skills, equipped with critical thinking skills, adopted the attitude of lifelong learning and skill acquisition, graduating with a focus on research.

It is my greatest wish that our students become self-sacrificing, hardworking physicians who are happy to learn, think and research when they graduate, enjoy the human and public health above all, and sincerely adhere to the ethical rules.


Prof. Demir BUDAK