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The Dean's Message

The departments of International Trade and International Relations within the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Istanbul Yeni Yuzyil University have set out to bring the individuals who can understand the changing economic and political conditions and show leadership characteristics to the society.

The primary objective of the faculty is to educate individuals who are confident and follow current developments and analyze them. Another objective of our faculty is that the education that graduates of Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences took in our university support them with wide knowledge in their steps to business life.

In today's world, in which foreign language is a necessity in the field of International Relations and International Trade education, beside the optional English preparatory class in our faculty, English courses for the business life in line with the needs of the departments throughout the bachelor education are also included in the curriculum. Those who prefer these departments will be educated to gain the necessary equipment to work in the most reputable authorities of the state and the companies that do business in the international markets.

Our graduates will be able to work in many government institutions, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to administrative judges, from the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade to the civil administration, and will have the opportunity to work in various sectors of the private sector both in Turkey and abroad.