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The Dean's Message

İstanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University Faculty of Dentistry is founded in 2011 and teaching started in 2012. We are approaching a very important milestone in İYYU Faculty of Dentistry’s history this year. 2017 is the graduation year of the first dental class.

There have been remarkable changes in dentistry in the last decades and the İYYU Faculty of Dentistry has been instrumental in these advances in the oral health sciences. We are well prepared to make significant contributions to our profession’s body of knowledge through our experienced and active faculty, outstanding curriculum, research and public service.

Our curriculum aims; to train dentists who are equipped with the latest theoretical and practical knowledge, who practice best oral and dental treatment, who take care of community health, give importance to ethical behavior, have the highest level of clinical knowledge and experience and are sensitive to scientific developments and adapt to technology fast.

Academic and education facilities are consisted of medical and dental laboratories located in the Cevizlibağ Campus of our University and the new Dental Hospital which is operating at Halıcıoğlu/Beyoğlu since 2015. In the Dental Hospital academic, educational and public facilities are perfectly based on great academic substructure of the Faculty of Dentistry.

Finally, our priorities to be highlighted in the next five years are;

1. Enhancing the student experience

2. Amplifying the research productivity

3. Increasing the community Involvement.

The overall outcome of our strategic priorities will be to further establish the role of the İYYU Faculty of Dentistry in improving the oral health of the people of Turkish Republic.


Prof. Dr. M. Haluk İŞERİ