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The Dean's Message

Dear Pharmacy Freshmen,

A Pharmacy degree will be your springboard into an exciting career. You’ll learn about the chemistry, biology and technology of medicines and other chemical formulations from reputed researchers.

You’ll also spend lots of time in the lab, working with standard research instrumentation, learning how to improve human health and well-being by researching and developing more reliable, accessible and effective treatments and products.

You may choose to become a full equipped community pharmacist. You may develop the knowledge and practical skills critical to the discovery and development of new drugs and therapies leading to exciting careers in research and/or industry.

During the first two years you will develop your understanding of the foundations of pharmaceutical science and of the relationships between the different disciplines and their distinct roles in drug discovery and development.

The duration of education in pharmacy program is 5 years. Care has been taken to establish education standards with close values adopted by the EU. No sacrifices have been avoided in terms of hardware and equipment for the provision of education accreditations.

Internship applications are carried out in different periods and different locations in the training schedule: in pharmacy, pharmaceutical industry and/or hospitals. The most important privilege of studying at Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University, Faculty of Pharmacy is to exercise in fields requiring patient-physician-pharmacist cooperation. Our students are equipped with the necessary theoretical and practical information giving opportunity to work in any appropriate field.

This will prepare you to choose your specialization from one of the following fields:

  • Community Pharmacist
  • Drug Formulation and Industrial Pharmacist: the invention, manufacture and testing of new products such as pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics.
  • Clinical Pharmacist Practice: is the practice of pharmacy as part of a multidisciplinary healthcare team directed at achieving Quality Use of Medicines, the understanding of biological drug targets, and their modulation by chemicals and other substances.

You will develop specialist knowledge and techniques, your understanding of the application of pharmaceutical methods and professional practices that are required in the workplace.

In your final year you will gain practical skills through a major research project or industry placement and be ready for a career in pharmaceutical sciences.


Prof. İmer OKAR