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The Dean's Message

The main objective of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture is to educate engineers and architects who have cultural values, are aware of social responsibility, solve the problems they face with scientific approaches and produce creative solutions. Our faculty is committed to contributing to science and engineering with its experienced faculty staff, and to train graduates who can compete at international level. Our aim is to implement a training that is appropriate to the Bologna process, which can have a say in the internationally centered student-oriented arena.

The Department of Architecture aims to provide students with professional knowledge and skills in various theoretical and applied courses as well as design studies. Lessons are given mainly with computer-based modern methods. Graduated students are able to adapt to the market conditions immediately and have a masters degree in both state and private universities and they are accepted abroad immediately as well.

The Department of Interior Architecture, as in the Department of Architecture, conducts computer-based education and gives practical training according to today's conditions.

The Electrical and Electronics Department provides training in international standards under the management of experienced teachers.

Biomedical Department is one of the rare departments of the universities in Turkey. It is a contemporary branch of science to meet all additional services of the healthcare field in the future. There is also a Master's Degree Program in Biomedical Engineering.

As it is understood from the short information, as a necessity of our faculty philosophy, it is designed and organized to produce projects that will create high quality, productivity and added value which develops interdisciplinary cooperation in all of our departments and curricula and to ensure the realization of research and projects through academic and practical value publications.

The diplomas obtained as a result of the quality education given in our faculty have international validity. As Engineers and Architects, I believe that you will be successful both in national and international fields as a benevolent individual for our country. I hope that the academic year will be successful.


Prof. İsmet Vildan ALPTEKİN