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About The Department

Public Relations and Advertising Expertise, which has become the most popular and popular profession of recent years, draws attention as a working area which is most needed both in public and private sector.

Today, educating communicators who are capable of using the art of communication, have become indispensable of public institutions and organizations and private agencies, have no boundaries in public relations and publicity, underline the basis of advertising constitute of the basis of our department.

In order to educate the visionary equipped students who have mastered the art of communication; in addition to theoretical courses in communication, public relations, advertising and general culture; theoretical and practical education through seminars and workshops are presented in accordance with the education concept of our age.

The departmental education programs are designed to cover the education activities of two different disciplines such as Public Relations and Advertising, as well as the field studies. These programs use the basic techniques of communication, their common purpose is promotion, they apply similar methods in their work but their goals may be different or they can be interpreted differently.

Features of the department

- The language of instruction is Turkish. However, upon request, English preparatory program is provided. Professional English courses are also offered within the program.

- The leading names in public relations and advertising sector share their knowledge and experiences with the students in the seminars organized once a week.

- Students will have enough knowledge about the theories and practices in the field of Public Relations and Advertising.

- Students are prepared for the work life by offering practical opportunities with the workshops.

- The 30-day internship, which is compulsory within the scope of the training program, is allowed to be transformed into practice in the field of study

- The students are required to prepare a graduation project in the final year and to be prepared in a manner appropriate to the theoretical and practical knowledge, and to create a difference in the sector with qualified projects.

- In the case that the necessary criteria are provided to the department students, it is possible to provide double major or minor education on demand.

The graduates of the department have the opportunity to find jobs in all areas of Public Relations and Advertising (Communication director / coordinator, press relations, media planning, event manager, copywriting, producer, planner, designer) in both public and private sectors.