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About the Faculty

The phenomenon of communication, which is the source of the development of communication Technologies and the increase in the interest shown in these technologies, once again reiterated its indispensability by giving its name to the era. Communication, covering a wide spectrum from traditional media to marketing, from digital arts to new media channels, has become an important integral of our lives.

İstanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University Faculty of Communication started its education life in 2010-2011. As the Faculty of Communication, with our experienced academic staff, we have undertaken the task of raising the young communicators of the future with the awareness of the importance and seriousness of communication.

There are Visual Communication Design, Public Relations and Advertising, Radio Television and Cinema, and New Media and Communcation departments within the Faculty of Communication of Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University. Our facuty has a wide technical infrastructure with its television studio, radio studio, photo studio, MAC lab, PC lab, and in addition to the workshop it organizes, it has a versatile educational approach that brings together students with industry experience through weekly “Communication Seminars”.

If you want to take place in the communication sector, which is one of the most popular areas of the new century, we are ready to meet in our university, which started with the slogan “let the new century be your work”.


İstanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University Faculty of Communication, with its solid infrastructure and academic staff, has adopted the vision of raising the communicators of the new century with the aim to exist not only at the national level but also at the international level.


The aim of our cirruculum is to train communicators with advanced social awareness, social responsibility wareness, who can use communication Technologies correctly within the framework of communication ethics, who have gained the ability to research and question, have a high intellectual background, and have advanced theoretical skills.

Our Objectives

-To raise individuals who can think strategically, are creative, productive, confident, and well-equipped in their field;

-To follow innovations especially in the field of new media and corporate communication and to carry out postgraduate studies in this field;

-Broadcasting on a tape on our scholl’s own radio;

-Broadcasting a continuous TV broadcast in our school’s television studio;

-Participating in all competitions held at the undergraduate level and returning with prizes;

-To provide continuous publication with a newspaper published through the news agency;

-To maintain our communication with our students without cinsidering limits and time;

The most important thing is to raise young people who have absorbed their traditional values, in harmony with the global world, and maket hem take their place among the communicators of the new century.