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About The Program

Students, who will graduate from this program, will have the opportunity to work in different fields within the tourism industry, such as tourism establishments, food and beverage companies, travel agencies, airline companies, tourism ministry, congress-conference centers, tourism information centers.



Tourism sector, which is growing and developing in our world and has a significant share in the development of countries; to educate the researchers who can perceive the change and development in their environment, to combine theory and practice with technology, to be a researcher, to have institutional and social responsibility, and to be connected to moral values.



The mission of the Tourism and Hotel Management Program is to contribute to the sector by educating researchers and qualified tourism experts, who are ready to contribute to the tourism sector in national and international context, equipped with basic information, can combine theoretical knowledge with practice, integrate with technology, and have qualified researchers.


Qualification Awarded:

Upon successful completion of this program, students are eligible for Associate of Arts degree in Tourism and Hotel Management.


Level of Qualification Awarded:

This program is a pre-graduate level program.


Admission Requirements:

Within the framework of the regulations determined by the Higher Education Council (YÖK), students are admitted to this program with the central exam system called YKS. The students are placed in the related programs by the Student Selection and Placement Center according to their score after finishing the program preferences they want to study.


Qualification Requirements and Rules:

In order to graduate, students studying in this program must have at least 2.00 GPA over 4.00 and must have at least DD / S grade from all lessons in the curriculum. The minimum ECTS for graduation is 120 years. Students are also required to complete their compulsory internship in the time period and in the specification.


Recognition of Prior Learning:

Students studying at İstanbul New Century University may be exempted from certain lessons within the framework of certain regulations. If the content of the lesson taken in another institution is appropriate for the content of the lesson given in Istanbul New Century University and approved by the related school / faculty / institute directorate, the student may be exempted from this lesson.


Program Description:

This program aims to train qualified manpower that can take part in the service production processes in the tourism and hospitality sector and can help the management or open and run a business on its behalf.


Program Qualifications:

1. Ability to use the theoretical knowledge in the field of Tourism and Hotel Management in working life.

2. Ability to identify and solve problems related to hotel management in professional practice.

3. Acquire ethical and responsibility awareness about the profession.

4. Ability to understand and apply legal regulations related to occupation.

5. To have sufficient consciousness about the universality of social rights, social justice, quality and cultural values, environmental protection, occupational health and safety.

6. Ability to plan and implement professional processes.

7. To have the skills of oral and written communication in at least one foreign language so that they can follow the information in their field and communicate with their colleagues.

8. To have the knowledge and skills to manage a hotel business at medium level.

9. To be able to use information technology tools required by tourism sector.

10. To be innovative and creative in the field of Hotel Management.


Occupational Profiles of Graduates:

Graduates who have the ability and knowledge to respond to the needs of the rapidly developing tourism sector; work as a mid-level manager in the main enterprises of the sector such as domestic and foreign accommodation and travel companies, tour operator companies, food and beverage companies, congress and fair organizations.


Transition to a High Level:

Students who graduate from Tourism and Hotel Management Program have the right to pass 4-year undergraduate program with Vertical Transfer Exam.


Transitions with Vertical Transfer Exam:

• Business

• Business Informatics

• Business-Economics

• Hospitality Management

• Accommodation and Tourism Management

• Hotel Management

• Tourism management

• Tourism and Hotel Management

• Tourism and hotel Management

• Tourism and Hotel Management


Program Structure:

The minimum ECTS credit for these associate degree programs is 120.




Common Compulsory Lessons (YÖK Lessons)

• Turkish Language I-II, Atatürk's Principles and History of Turkish Revolution I-II

In undergraduate and graduate programs in Turkey according to the Higher Education Act provisions are foreseen to be taken as a compulsory lesson.

• English I-II

In the first, second semester, the materials of the programs of the college are processed with appropriate materials.


University Common Lessons

• Academic Orientation

Students are admitted to academic orientation at the beginning of the first semester.

• Internship

It is compulsory to have at least 30 working days internship in each associate degree program.