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About The Program

The increasing globalization of international trade and the introduction of joint markets have led to an increase in regional logistics services for companies and land-air-sea routes. It is inevitable that they will raise the service quality and standards of servants that serve in this regard. Logistics is the efficient planning, execution and supervision of products and services and all kinds of information flow related to them, from the starting point of the raw material to the end of the product to customers.

Our country and especially our region has important advantages to become a strong logistics center. It is obvious that the logistics sector will develop rapidly in the coming years with its geographical location and characteristics, human resources and economic potential, and transportation facilities planned to develop rapidly. Due to all these reasons, the need for trained labor force in the logistics sector is increasing.

Our aim is to educate graduates who have talents and knowledge in the field of logistics, who are successful in the areas they have chosen and selected in today's technological and global business environment.

Our graduates can work in logistics and procurement departments of national and international logistics companies as well as companies with their own distribution network.

The programs that is passed with vertical pass exam:

• Business

• Logistics Managment

• Transportation and Logistics

• İnternational Finance

• İnternational Logistics

• İnternational Logistics and Transportation

• İnternational Logistics Managment

• İnternational Trade

• İnternational Trade and Logistics

• İnternational Trade and Logistics Managment