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About The Program

Today, law is a very important requirement for every human being, just like health. Especially in the recent years, investments in justice are observed to increase. New courts and new courthouses lead to increased personnel needs to employ. This requirement shows the reason for the notable interest in the justice program.

Yeni Yuzyil University Vocational School of Justice Program has opened its doors to its students in 2014-2015 education year, considering the needs of personnel in public and private sectors. With the support of the Faculty of Law, students of the Justice Program have the privilege of studying at such a school.

While taking practical training in the fully equipped courtroom located in the campus building, it is also possible to take applied training from experienced lawyers who actually work in private and public sectors, as well as internship opportunities to increase their professional experience.

In addition, it is also possible for successful students who pass the Vertical Transfer Examination to enroll Law Faculties by providing the necessary requirements.

Career Opportunities:

After two years education, students who graduate from the justice program can be assigned to the civil servants by providing certain conditions especially in the courthouses, the notary public or law offices, as well as large-scale public employment opportunities.