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About The Program

Increased needs and spreading of the facilities and mechanisms to meet such needs from the international markets cause gradual increases year by year in the share of international trade in the economy of our country and also in the world economies. This intensity which is currently being experienced in the international trade necessitates fast, technical and error-free export and import operations for the implementations in the world. And this situation brings forth Turkey's need for technically-equipped and well-educated manpower in the sector. On the basis of the foregoing, a "International Trade Program" was opened within the body of Vocational School for Social Sciences which has been going on with its specialist instructors, effective curriculum, and student quota which is full every year.

International Trade Program was entirely designed to meet the medium-level work power required by the sector and the areas of the courses include economics, business, computer and foreign trade techniques and applications. Some of the courses are: Introduction to Economics, International Economics, Financial Accounting, Customs Operations and Practices, Import & Export Practices, Financing Foreign Trade, and Basics of Logistics. Course is given under circumstances where interactive participations with instructors are realized, real examples are discussed, and the subjects are supported by home-works and projects. In addition to this, the training at institutions and enterprises related to foreign trade which each student is obliged to fulfill intends to provide real business life applications.

International Trade Program aims to provide its students with the fundamentals and techniques of international trade based on the elementary and relevant theoretical and applied information.

The main objective of the program is to equip students with problem solving abilities, using basic and technical scientific background, and to improve their communication skills and capabilities of critical thinking, cooperation and individual responsibility that help them to conduct their life-long personnel development by keeping and pursuing ethical and social criteria.

International TradeProgram is designed to equip the students with both theoretical and practical knowledge of the rapidly changing foreign trade world as qualified intermediate staff assistants needed to perform a particular job in foreign trade companies or in export-import departments of business organizations.


Our vision: In the light of science, it is to contribute to the level of contemporary civilization in the technological, economic and social fields of our country with the education and scientific researches it will make.


Our Mission: Atatürk principles and Revolutions, which do not compromise the principles of secularism and republic, hardworking, knowledge and accumulation of the benefit of all humanity, beneficial to society, in the light of universal values, modern, creative and positive thinking, participant, To cultivate highly qualified individuals representing its country with productive and created values all over the world, to conduct a high level of scientific work and research, to produce information and technology, to improve the production of regional and national areas by offering the community benefit and contribute to sustainable development.

Who can apply to this program?

To be able to enter the foreign trade program of students and increase their chances of success as a post-graduation foreign trade professional, first of all, the social sciences, who enjoys dealing with detail, disciplined, cautious, responsible Must possess the spirit of entrepreneurship and analytical thinking. However, in order to become a successful foreign trade professional member, it is obvious to follow the changes in foreign trade and customs legislation and to improve the foreign language level.

Graduate students ' work areas

-Import and export firms (RO-RO Enterprises, customs consultants, private firms operating at airports, international transport companies)

-Foreign exchange departments of private and public banks

-Chambers of commerce and industry

-Customs Operations Consulting companies

-Undersecretary of foreign trade of the Prime Ministry

-Ministry of Finance and Foreign trade

-Exporters and importers associations in various sectors

-Export Development Survey Center (IGEME)

-Turkey export Credit Bank (Turkish-Eximbank)

-Authorized Customs authorities to see all types of inputs, exits and Transit transactions

-Other international financial institutions


Switch to top degree programs

Applicants who have successfully completed their associate degree training can study in their undergraduate programs, provided they receive a valid note from the vertical pass test. these programs;

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• Labour economics and industrial relations

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• Capital Market

• Capital Market Audit and rating

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• International Business and trade

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