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About the Vocational School


To train individuals; who are equipped with universal values, constantly renewing and developing himself/herself, who have adopted lifelong learning as a principle and are able to analyze and synthesize, also creative, questioning and prone to team work.



The aim of the vocational education is to be a Vocational School which is open to communication, change and development, which provides students with the practical skills necessary for the graduates with the high education-teaching quality standards, which provides the qualified work force in the business world.



1. To follow the current developments and scientific innovations and make this an institutional image,

2. To continue the updated training programs within the framework of national and international norms and expectations,

3. Developing new programs and courses within the framework of social expectations, sectoral trends and country targets,

4. Developing students' awareness of entrepreneurship, supporting student development in academic, social and personal terms,

5. Implementation and development of services supporting the educational processes of the students,

6. Providins the students with the latest practical knowledge and skills in line with the demands of the sector,

7. Ensuring communication and coordination with public and private sector organizations and contributing to the employment of graduates.