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About The Program

The purpose of the Pharmacy Services Program is to educate qualified technical staff with the theoretical and practical training in the pharmacy sector which is significant for the community health and to assist the pharmacists who are responsible and responsible in the presentation of medicines and medicinal products to the patients.

The pharmacy technician takes part in the preparation, storage and presentation of medicinal products, under the supervision of the pharmacist and assists with the pharmacy activities.

Pharmacy Services Program gives importance to the applications with theoretical knowledge.Eligible courses are taught with project-based instruction and are intended to improve the learner's professional research, examination, evaluation and decision-making skills. Analytical thinking, effective communication and the adoption of ethical values ​​are provided.



The education language is Turkish. Formal education is provided. There is an English preparatory class depending on demand. Quotas are determined by YÖK every year according to the needs of the sector.

Admission and Registration Requirements:

According to the results of “TYT” score type in the Pharmacy Services Program, students are taken by OSYM with central placement.


Given Degree:

When the program is successfully completed and the program qualifications are provided, the degree in the field (Level 5) is obtained. Graduated person takes the title of Pharmacy Technician and works in the status of Health Technician.


Working places:

Pharmacy Services Program graduates can work in free pharmacies under the supervision of competent and responsible pharmacists and pharmacies of hospitals of state and private sector and drug stores which enable pharmacy to reach pharmacies from the production places of drugs. According to the Public Personnel Selection Examination (KPSS) they can be appointed as Health Technicians.


Undergraduate Departments with DGS:

* Biochemistry

* Chemistry

* Chemical Engineering

* Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry