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About The Program

Purpose of the program;

Graduates of the Oral and Dental Health Program are awarded with "oral and dental health associate degree diploma" and "oral and dental health technician" title and authority. Students who graduate from this program serve under the supervision of their dentist; in private dental offices, in private or publicly-owned oral and dental health centers, in oral and dental health hospitals, or in companies providing technical equipment for dental profession. The main purpose of opening this program is; to provide qualified and technical staff with knowledge of clinical management and organization, who can help dentists during clinical studies.

The dental assistant is referred to an 'oral and dental health technician' who assists the dentist during clinical trials and in the operation of dental clinic. This professional group, which has been serving in many developed countries since the 1950s, has gained an official identity and became obliged to be educated by accepting the 6225 numbered Law in our country on 06.04.2011. For this reason, there is a need for programs that will train the qualification and diploma staff to work in this area.


The education language of Oral and Dental Health Department is Turkish. Formal education is provided. There is an English preparatory class depending on demand. The program quota is 22 people.

Admission and Registration Requirements:

In order to be admitted to the Department of Oral and Dental Health, it is necessary to have completed a high school or equivalent education and have got enough points in the national university placement examination. The students are admitted according to the principles determined by the Higher Education Council and the type of program TYT.

Transition and education conditions without examination:

Yeniyüzyıl University recognizes courses taken at another institution based on the principle of lifelong learning and exempts graduation credits if the learning outcomes of these courses match those of the program registered at Yeniyüzyıl University. The compliance and exemption of learning outcomes are decided by the High School Council in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

Given Degree:

Students who have successfully completed the program are entitled to receive the Associate Degree in Oral and Dental Health Technician.

Field of Working ;

This official identity, which was won with the acceptance of the law dated 06.04.2011 in our country, revealed the necessity to be educated. Students who graduate from this program are under the supervision of their dentist; can work in companies providing technical equipment for dental health in oral and dental hospitals, in private or publicized oral and dental health centers. Our aim; The solution is to find a solution to the problems with equipped technical staff that can work in these organizations.

Undergraduate Departments with DGS

* Health administration

* Healthcare Management

About the Program

2-year associate degree program

Course Contents

2017-2018 Spring Semester Courses and Teaching Staff

All contents of Bologna Process and TYYÇ

(http://tyyc.yeniyuzyil.edu.tr/Page/OnLisans.aspx) can be used here.

Training Program and Internships:

During the 2 years of education in the Oral and Dental Health Program, students will learn about tooth morphology, head and neck anatomy, vocational principles and applications, computer, medical terminology, dental clinic assistant, clinical instruments, physiology, dentistry archiving, oral microbiology, pharmacology, law, medical secretarial services, first aid, medical waste management, health communication, health management etc. basic and branch courses are given.

In addition to the applications, fieldwork and projects to be made by the students, a career planning will be provided for professional life through social responsibility projects to be taken from the sector.