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About The Program

The aim of the program, Optics facilities, glass production factories and eye clinic hospitals can carry out optic services, diseases, eye diseases, eye defects, you can have information about glass, customers from the moment they enter into the store until the delivery of glasses, any problem can be solved with glasses, glass cutting To be able to perform operations such as repair, eye health techniques and have a knowledge about them to train professional opticians.

The Optician Program focuses on the applications as well as theoretical knowledge. The appropriate courses are carried out by application-based instruction and aim to improve the student's professional practice, examination and evaluation skills.



The training language of the Optician Department is Turkish. Formal education is provided. The program quota is 50 people.


Admission and Registration Requirements:

Students are accepted according to the principles determined by the Council of Higher Education.



When the program is successfully completed and the program qualifications are provided, the Associate Degree in Optician is obtained. The graduate receives the title of Optician.


Working places:

By successfully completing this program, students who achieve the program qualifications will have an "Optician" degree. Students who graduate from Opticianry Associate Degree Program with increasing requirements every day can work in the following institutions.

* Eye Hospitals

* Glass manufacturing plants

* Glass / Eyewear wholesaler

* At Optical Stores

* Private Hospitals

* Polyclinics, clinics

* Health Centers

* Private practice physicians

* In professional associations

* Medical materials sales and promotional Works


License Departments with Transition to DGS:

* Physics

* Optical and Acoustic Engineering

* Physics engineering