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About The Program

The aim of the programme is to train qualified personnel who can work in health institutions, hospitals and laboratories, who can solve the problems they will encounter in their applications, reach information, team work, analytical thinking and ethical values.

Quality and accreditation in the health services, which have gained importance in the last decade, increased the need for qualified health care team. As the students take the basic information specific to the health management as well as the information about the Medical Laboratory Technology Programme, they will be able to rise to the higher levels depending on their successes and on the development of themselves.



The language of education of the Medical Laboratory Techniques Program is Turkish. Formal education is provided. There is an optional English preparatory class. The program quota is 50 people.


Admission and Registration Requirements:

Medical Laboratory Techniques Program; According to the results of TYT score type, students are taken by ÖSYM with central placement. Foreign students are accepted to the program as a result of their direct application to the university.



When the Medical Laboratory Techniques Program is successfully completed and the program qualifications are achieved, the Associate's degree is obtained in the field of Medical Laboratory Techniques (Level 5, TYYÇ in the Bologna Process Higher Education Qualifications Framework). Graduates person "Medical Laboratory Technician" taking the title, "Health Technician" are involved in status.


Working places:

By successfully completing this program, students who achieve the program qualifications have a Associate's Degree in Medical Laboratory Techniques. Students who graduate from the Medical Laboratory Techniques Associate Degree Program may work in the following institutions.

* They can work in the Biochemistry, Microbiology, Histology, Hematology, Serology, Neurophysiology, Pathology, Parasitology, IVF Centers and Blood Centers of public and private treatment institutions affiliated to the Ministry of Health.

* Family Health Units, Community Health Centers,

* University Hospitals,

* They can work in microbiology research units of pharmaceutical companies and food industry.

* According to the Public Personnel Selection Examination (KPSS) can be appointed as Laboratory Technician.


License Departments with Transition to DGS:

* Biology

* Molecular biology and genetics

* Bioengineering

* Genetics and Bioengineering,

* Biotechnology,

* Biotechnology and Molecular Biology,

* Nursing

* Nursing and Health Services