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About The Program

The main aim of the Medical Imaging Techniques Program is to be able to use high technology imaging and therapy systems (radiodiagnostic, radiotherapy, ultrasonics, nuclear imaging, computed tomography, etc.) used in diagnosis and treatment processes in radiology and nuclear medicine and radiation oncology departments. to educate the health worker with the ability to interpret.



The Medical Imaging Techniques Program has two separate curriculums: formal and secondary. The training language of the program is Turkish and the quota of the programs is 40 (formal education) and 24 (evening education). Quotas are determined by YÖK every year according to the needs of the sector.

Admission and Registration Requirements:

Medical Imaging Techniques Program; The Student Selection and Placement Center (OSYM) takes students with central placement according to the TYT score type results.


Given Degree:

By successfully completing this program, students who achieve program qualifications have a degree of "Medical Imaging Techniques Associate Degree". Graduated person takes the title of 'Medical Imaging Technician' and takes the position of Health Technician.


Working places:

Our graduates; In the departments such as x-ray, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, vascular angioplasty, nonvascular interventional radiology, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy departments of hospitals; special imaging centers and examinations.

Undergraduate Departments with DGS:


Nursing and Health Services