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About The Program

The aim of the program is to provide the following services: carry out registration procedures for diagnosis, diagnosis and treatment of diseases; prepare medical, administrative and statistical documents; organizing and archiving documents; preparing patients for examination by patient admission and file procedures; who are able to perform classification and coding processes according to international classification systems determined for diseases-operations and health-related problems, and to provide written and oral communication of the unit in which they work.

The Medical Documentation and Secretary Program emphasizes applications as well as theoretical knowledge. Eligible courses are conducted with project-based instruction and aim to improve the learner's professional research, examination, evaluation and decision-making skills. The student is directed to present the results of the research and analysis work as a report and adopts the principles of compliance with work ethics and discipline.



The language of instruction is Turkish. There is an English preparatory class depending on the demand. The quota of the program is 60 people.

Admission and Registration Requirements:

The Medical Documentation and Secretary Program is primarily placed by the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) in the secondary school achievement score (MSP) and the departments in the Vocational and Technical Education Area (METEB) who prefer to pass without examination. Apart from METEB, according to YGS-3 score type results students are taken by OSYM with central placement.


Transition and education conditions without examination:

Students who have graduated from the following departments of Vocational High Schools in Medical Documentation and Secretary Program can be entered without examination on the basis of Secondary Achievement Points.

* Medical Secretary

* Medical Secretary

* Office management


Given Degree:

When the program is successfully completed and program qualifications are provided, the degree of Associate Degree in the field of Medical Documentation and Secretarial (Level 5) is obtained. Graduated person takes the title of Medical Secretary and works in the status of Health Technician.


Working places:

By successfully completing this program, students who achieve program qualifications will have a degree of "Medical Documentation and Associate Degree in Secretarial Degree". Students who graduate from the Medical Documentation and Secretarial Associate Degree Program, which is increasingly needed every day, can work in the following institutions.

* Ministry of Health

* Civil Defense Search and Rescue Union Directorate

* State Hospitals

* Education and Research Hospitals

* Private Hospitals

* Outpatient clinics, clinics

* Dispensers

* Health Centers

* Private practice physicians

* Medical software (medical journals, newsletters, etc.) companies

* Sales and promotion of medical equipment

* Ambulance companies

* SGK organizations


Undergraduate Departments with DGS:

* Business

* Health Administration

* Management of health institutions

* Management of Health Institutions

* Healthcare Management