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About The Program

The purpose of the program is to provide basic and advanced life support to patients and injured pre-hospital emergency services, to provide life-saving medical treatment to prevent injuries, to plan all kinds of system trauma, to plan appropriate emergency approach and to implement it is to train a health technician who can provide first aid patients or wounded patients with ambulance safely.



Education language is Turkish. Training is given to be organized and evening education. There is English preparatory class depending on demand. Quotas are determined by YÖK every year according to the needs of the sector.


Admission and Registration Requirements:

First and Emergency Assistance Program can be passed without examination from Health Care High Schools in accordance with Law No. 4702. Graduates from General High School can apply with TYT score type. Foreign students are admitted to the program as a result of their assessment of direct applications to the university.

Students who will be enrolled in this program need to receive a report certifying that they have a body structure and mental health that is not obstructive to obtaining driver's license from state hospitals or university hospitals (the height and weight of the student must be stated in the medical board report).

It is compulsory for them to drive in the 2nd grade according to the program. At the time of registration, they must be 17 years old, male students should not be shorter than 1.65m, female students should not be shorter than 1.60m, the height should be at most 5 or 15 pounds over the last two digits.

While working in a team of two people for rescue and transport, they must have physical and physical competence to carry a patient on the street with their teammate (233rd M. ÖSYM Universities Admission Guide).


Transition and education conditions without examination:

Students who have graduated from the following departments of Primary and Emergency Curriculum of Health Profession High Schools can be entered without examination based on Secondary Achievement Points.

* Nursing

* Emergency Medical Technician


Given Degree:

When the program is successfully completed and the program qualifications are provided, the degree of First and Emergency Aid (Level 5) Associate Degree is obtained. Graduated person takes the position of Ambulance and Emergency Care Technician and takes the position of Health Technician.


Working places:

By successfully completing this program, students who achieve program qualifications have the "Associate Degree in Ambulance and Emergency Care Technician" degree. In our country, there has been a great increase in the possibilities of finding employment with the changes made in the prehospital health services in recent years and the title of Health Technician in 112 Ambulances of the program graduates. Today, almost all of the graduates are working in the government sector, our graduates can also benefit from the job opportunities in private Ambulance companies and private hospital emergency services.


Undergraduate Departments with DGS:

* Help and Disaster Management

* Nursing

* Nursing and Health Services


Program Prerequisites:

SHMYO Academic Committee Decision

SHMYO Senate Decision