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About The Program

The aim of the elderly care program is to educate competent health technicians who integrate and assimilate the necessary knowledge, skills and values ​​in the field of nursing care and apply and develop the elderly care service in the public domain, private field and non-governmental organizations.



The mission of the program is to train elderly professionals who can give professional care to the elderly with their knowledge and skill, contribute to the improvement of the health standards of the elderly and increase the quality of life, produce solutions, have analytical thinking ability, teamwork and responsibility.



The Elderly Care Program, which is based on the point where the skill is based on the application frequency, aims to bring the characteristics that will be demanded and needed in the working life to our students.



The education language is Turkish. Formal education is provided. There is an English preparatory class depending on demand. Quatas are determined by YÖK every year according to needs of sector.


Admission and Registration Requirements:

The program is applied with TYT score type. Foreign students are admitted to the program as a result of their assessment of direct applications to the university.


Working places:

Graduates of the Elderly Care Program include the Social Services and Child Protection Agency, municipalities, hospitals, nongovernmental organizations, nursing homes, elderly care homes, weak homes, day centers for the elderly, elderly care in the health units, care services for the elderly, arranging the house of the elderly etc. They can work in the field under the supervision of an expert.


Undergraduate Departments with DGS:

* Nutrition and Dietetics

* Physiotheraphy and Rehabilitation

* Nursing

* Nursing Health Services

* Gerontology


Training Program and Internships:

New Century University's Elderly Care Program provides face-to-face training.

The duration of study is 2 years.

During this period, the students will be able to learn about Anatomy and Physiology, Basic Gerontology, Medical Terminology, Principles and Applications of Elderly Care, Pharmacology, Physical Ergonomics and Rehabilitation, Geriatric Psychology and so on. They take compulsory courses. At the end of the 2nd semester they take 30 summer work summer internship. From the third semester, we go to the nursing homes where we have protocol.