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About The Program

Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University is a foundation university established by the "Vatan Health and Education Foundation" (VASEV) on February 28, 2009 in Istanbul. Child Development Associate Degree program continues its education within the scope of Health Services Vocational School since the establishment of Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University.



The education language is Turkish. Formal education is provided. There is an English preparatory class depending on demand. The quota of the program is 45 people.

Registration Admission Requirements

The Child Development Program is primarily placed by the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) in the Secondary School Achievement Score (SEP) and in the Vocational and Technical Education Area (METEB).

Apart from METEB, according to YGS-4 score type results students are taken by OSYM with central placement.


Given Degree

When the program is successfully completed and the program qualifications are provided, the degree in the field of Child Development (Level 5) is obtained. Graduates receive the title of Child Development.


Working places

The main objective of the child development is to support the development of children in need of protection and at risk, with 0-18 age group as normal, special needs, acute and chronic diseases.

The student who is studying in the field of Child Development is working in health, social and other sectors as mentioned below.

Child Development Specialists are responsible for making evaluations on the development of child development services offered at primary health care institutions and for working in cooperation with the relevant persons and branches to create plans, programs and projects, to implement them, and to create opportunities for cooperation both inside and outside the institution.

They can work as Child Development in Child and Youth Centers, Protection Care and Rehabilitation Centers, Sevgi Houses, Community Centers, General Directorate of Family and Social Policy and Family Counseling Centers.

Child Development Specialists who can also serve in the General Directorate of Security, Child Branch Office / Office of the Chiefs shall carry out studies in order to determine the financial, moral and social problems of children and their families born out of themselves or environmental conditions or out of their control.

In addition, by taking part in preschool educational institutions in schools and private schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, manager, teacher and teacher assistant.

They may serve as managers, teachers and assistant teachers in special education and rehabilitation centers.


Upper Education Transition

Students who graduate from the Child Development Associate Degree Program can transfer to the Child Development degree program with Vertical Transfer Examination (DGS).