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About The Program

The purpose of the program is to determine the level of hearing and determine the level of hearing and to determine the level of hearing and to determine the degree of hearing loss and disability of the patients who are diagnosed by the ear, nose and throat specialist physicians, who can perform the required tests using the equipment related to hearing measurement and help the patient with the use of hearing aids, to train the health personnel who can perform illness hearing and balance tests in order to achieve hearing.

It is also aimed to be able to work in the team in private and public health institutions, to establish effective verbal communication, to be able to recognize the problems and to gain the ability to produce solutions, along with this training carried out with the aim of having professional knowledge and skills.



The education language is Turkish. The organization provides training. There is an English preparatory class depending on demand. The quota of the program is 36 people.


Admission and Registration Requirements:

Audiometry program is placed by the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) in the departments of the Health Profession High Schools within the Vocational and Technical Education Area (METEB) according to the Secondary Achievement Score (SEP). On the other hand, if the quota is left open, students will be placed with OSYM center placement according to YGS-1 score type result.


Given Degree:

Students who complete the audiometry program have an associate degree and work under the title of "Audiometrist" with the title of Health Technician.


Working places:

Students who graduate from this program can find jobs in hearing-impaired schools, similar institutions and also work in hearing aid companies, in institutions and institutions affiliated with the Ministry of Health, in university hospitals, in private or public health services, or in hearing-impaired schools.


Undergraduate Departments with DGS:

* Physics

* Physics engineering

* Optics and Acoustics Engineering

* Audiology

* Teaching Hearing Impaired