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About The Program

The purpose of the Anesthesia Program; Health institutions and organizations, Anesthesiology and Reanimation units, patients p-operative pparation, patient control and supervision during the operation of anesthesia and reanimation application, post-operative patient care and treatment to have the competence to meet the sectoral needs, to adopt the code of ethics, to follow the innovations in medicine To develop Anesthesia Technicians who can reflect to their applications.

The Anesthesia Program focuses on theoretical knowledge and practices. The appropriate courses are carried out by project-based instruction and aim to improve the student's professional research, examination, evaluation and decision-making skills. Analytical thinking, importance of teamwork and ethical values are ensured.


The language of instruction for the Anesthesia Program is Turkish. Formal education is provided. There is an optional English pparatory class. Quotas are determined by YÖK every year according to the needs of the sector.

Admissionand Registration Requirements:

Student admissions to this programme are conducted in the framework of the regulations set by the Higher Education Council of Turkey (YÖK). Those graduates of regular high schools are admitted by their TYT type scores in a centralized national university placement examination (ÖSYS).

International students are evaluated and accepted to the programme after their direct application.

Given Degree:

When the program is successfully completed and the program qualifications are achieved, the associate degree is awarded in the field. The graduate person takes the title of Anesthesia Technician and takes on the position of Health Technician.

Working Places:

The graduates work as "Anaesthesia Technician" in public and private health institutions and organizations. Their employment fields are Surgeries and units under the Surgeries of public and private inpatient treatment institutions under the Health Ministry, and they work in line with the directives of the doctors.

License Departments with Transition to DGS:

* Emergency and Disaster Management

* Nursing

* Nursing and Health Services