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About the Vocational School

Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University is a foundation university established in Istanbul on February 28, 2009 by "Vatan Health and Education Foundation" (VASEV). Our university, which started its education and training life in 2009, is continuing education with 16 programs including Health Career Vocational School of Higher Education (SHMYO), now 12 vocational and 4 secondary education.

Mission and Vision

İstanbul Yeni Yüzyıl Üniversitesi SHMYO aims to educate the health technicians that are needed by our country in the field of health and to educate young people who are knowledgeable, equipped, modern, respectful to medical ethical values and attached to Atatürk's principles and revolutions. SHMYO is responsible for educating competent workforce in the field of health by considering academic and technological developments in the world and our country. Leading qualified academicians, in cooperation with private institutions and government institutions in the field of health, to train graduates sought at global level is the main objective.

Educational Staff

SHMYO provides education with dynamic academic staff consisting of 5 professors, 15 assistant professors and 17 teaching officers who are known for their successful work in their fields. In addition to the academic information provided during the courses, the experienced faculty members leads the students as well as the technicians who are respectful to the patient's rights and fulfill their tasks diligently and successfully. Due to the practical training given in the application laboratories in SHMYO, students also gain practical knowledge and skills as well as their theoretical knowledge thanks to internship opportunities provided in the sector. Successful academic staff is guiding the students in their work life by communicating with their students and sharing their experiences. Throughout the course of the course, students are preparing for the development of scientific research and project development. It is aimed to improve students' ability to make presentations by organizing conferences, symposiums, panels and student congresses. It is ensured that all students participate and work in a social responsibility project. Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University SHMYO is one of the Health Care Vocational Schools that provides the most qualified education in our country. The health technicians who have been trained in SHMYO have been the preferred technicians in the sector and the faculty members have been a source of pride for many years and the work has increased our resolve.

Double Majoring Opportunity

With the Double Major (DMP) program which has been started to be implemented since 2017-2018 education and training year, students have the possibility to take diplomas from two different programs by joining Double Major programs provided that they fulfill the necessary conditions.

Our university also provides students with the opportunity to gain experience abroad under the ERASMUS program.