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Course Program


The first semester of Turkish Language course is as follows:

1) Language, language-culture relation, spelling and punctuation rules

2) Source and birth of language, classification of languages

3) Languages in the world and place of Turkish among world languages, world languages in terms of structure

4) General language culture, language differences, dialect, dialect, mouth, slang

5) Historical periods of Turkish written language, personalities and their works

6) Historical periods of Turkish language, Turkish alphabets

7) Phonetics, Turkish voices and classification

8) Sound events, sound reproduction, famous and consonant drop, famous contraction

9) Sound features of Turkish, emphasis, words in terms of structure, 10) Turkish syllable structure, roots, noun and verb roots

11) Attachments of Turkish, production and shooting attachments

12) Words and words in terms of meaning and task

13) Sentences and elements of the sentence

14) General evaluation

The second semester program is as follows:

1) Sentence types, verb sentence, noun sentence, canonical, overturned sentence

2) Sentences according to the meaning

3) General expression disorders in Turkish

4) Types of written and oral expression, composition, essays to be written when writing

5) Written expression types: types of poetry and poetry, fairy tales

6) Types of written expression: types of fables, stories, novels and novels

7) Types of written expression: theater, travel writing, memo

8) Biography, autobiography, daily

9) Types of written expression: joke, essay, criticism

10) Written expression types: Letter and letter types, interview, interview, chat

11) Written expression types: Article, report, report

12) Types of discussion based on discussion: Discussion, panel, forum, open session, debate

13) Types of interviews : Conference, symposium (information feast), congress, lecture (discourse)

14) General evaluation.

At the end of each course, information about spelling and punctuation is given.