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About the Department

Our Vision

As the Istanbul Yeni Yuzyil University School of Languages, our mission is to provide our students with the foreign language knowledge and skills that they will be able to improve by using internet environment and multimedia facilities in accordance with the necessities of the era in everyday situations and in the academic setting. By building a learning partnership with our students under the leadership of our competent teachers, we provide suitable education and training environment equipped with modern methods and techniques to enable our students to improve their foreign languages skills. Furthermore, besides providing foreign language education at the best possible level, it is also part of our mission to encourage our students as individuals who can improve themselves through self-evaluation. For that reason, we accept providing our students with the opportunity to use a foreign language at its best possible level for the further studies in academic and in the social setting in the light of the basic principles of the foreign language education and learning as one of our permanent missions.

Our Mission

As the Istanbul Yeni Yuzyil University School of Languages, our mission statements regarding the process of foreign language education and learning are as follows:

- To make students aware of how significant and necessary a foreign language is,

- To get students to gain self-education skills by implementing one-to-one education methodology in case of students suffering from learning disabilities.

- To help students overcome certain anxiety, worries and learning difficulties in foreign language learning process,

- To embrace learner-oriented language teaching in the practice and process of language teaching program,

- To help solving the problems in foreign language learning especially by considering emotional intelligence data and adopting an empathic approach,

- To provide the students with the skills to analyze and synthesize in the stage of learning by helping them gain the habit of self-study,

- To contribute to active learning process with intra-class and extracurricular activities by utilizing all the means of technology in foreign language teaching,

- To lead the students to become competent in using all the skills of language with the help of skill-based language teaching approach,

- To ensure the active participation of students in learning process by inserting all facilities of the modern age in each stage of the program and practice of language teaching and to support the students in improving their abilities to use technology,

- Our main objective is to establish a learning partnership and help the students learn and use at least one foreign language for personal and professional purposes by

General Information

The language of instruction is English at English Language & Literature, English-Turkish Translation & Interpreting, and Nutrition and Dietetics Departments at Yeni Yüzyıl University. Students from these departments are required to have a certain level of English in order to follow the lessons. In order to determine the proficiency level of the students enrolled in these departments, a proficiency exam is implemented at the beginning of each academic year. As a result of the examination, students who meet the proficiency criteria specified in the regulations are registered to their departments. In addition, students who have been successful in English preparatory program at any higher education institution and students who have obtained the specified sufficient score from national or international exams specified in education and examination regulations of School of Languages can also continue to their departments as long as they apply with their certificates which are considered valid and sufficient as a result of the evaluation by School of Languages.

Language education in English preparatory school lasts one academic year. The students are grouped according to their proficiency levels in the preparatory classes in line with the scores obtained from the English Proficiency Exam and the program of language teaching is determined accordingly.

In the English Preparatory Program, each student's individual language learning effort is continuously monitored by our experienced instructors and a language teaching approach that aims to give academic support to our students in all circumstances is adopted. This is because we believe that, if our students become successful in the preparatory program by having an adequate and high-quality language education, it will make a very important contribution to the academic studies in their departments in the future.

Moreover, the aim of the English Preparatory Program is to enable students to be successful in their academic lives, to express themselves in different contexts in which English is used as a means of communication and to obtain language skills in order to exchange information.

English Preparatory programs are prepared in a way that it is ensured that all the students who participate in classes, study regularly, do their projects-assignments and use extra-curricular sources will become successful. Our language teaching program has been developed in such a way that all of our students, our learning partners, achieve the desired level in an academic year provided that they fulfill the requirements of the program. For this reason, it is very important that the students follow the classes and complete the out-of-class works and projects.

Exams and Assessment

In English Preparatory Program, the students are assessed with projects, assignments, in-class activities, common quizzes, achievement tests and final exam in each section of the program according to the assessment criteria announced at the beginning of each academic year. All the works of the students are included in the annual overall assessment criteria of the year and predetermined criteria are taken into consideration.

Attendance – Absence

The students are obliged to attend eighty-five percent of the classes and every student is required to follow the attendance-absence criteria determined in the relevant regulations. Students who cannot fulfill the requirements of attendance are not allowed to take the final exam at the end of the year and are considered unsuccessful. These students can attend English summer school if they want.