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About The Program

Coordinators of the Program

Research Asst. Ömer Miraç Ay (Tel: 444 50 01 Dahili:1303, omermirac.ay@yeniyuzyil.edu.tr)

Application Criteria for Programs

a. To fill Online Application Form.
b. To have a Bachelor degree. (If the bachelor degree of the candidate is not a Bachelor of Law degree, she/he may be required to take scientific preparation.)

Registration Documents

a. Application form

b. Original or Notary certified copy of Undergraduate Diploma.

c. Copy of the identity card or Passport

d. Original or Notary certified copy of Undergraduate transcripts

e. 2 photographs

f. Certificate of exemption from military service

g. Bank receipt certifying the payment of the tuition fee

Tuition Fee

For Master’s degree without thesis: 12.000 TL.