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About The Program
Coordinator of the Program

Asst. Prof. Pelin Yantur (Tel: 444 50 01 - Dahili 3006, pelin.yantur@yeniyuzyil.edu.tr ) ( Ek bina 10. kat)

Program Assistants
Res. Asst. Eylül Beyza Ateş (Tel: 444 50 01 - Dahili 2034, eylulbeyza.ates@yeniyuzyil.edu.tr) ( Ek bina 10. kat)
Res. Asst. Çılga Durmuş(Tel: 444 50 01 - Dahili 2034, cilga.durmus@yeniyuzyil.edu.tr) ( Ek bina 10. kat)

Apppcation Criteria for Programs

a. To fill Onpne Apppcation Form.

b. To have a Bachelor degree.

c. To submit a vapd exam score (ALES EA: 55 / GRE: 149 / GMAT: 450). For non-thesis programs, there is no need for exam score from ALES.

d. To submit an Engpsh Proficiency Exam Score (50 points from YDS or equivalent score from national. Proficiency exam score given by İstanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University Language School is accepted as well). For non-thesis programs, Engpsh proficiency exam score is not a requirement.

e. To have a Cumulative Grade Points Average (CGPA) of not less than 2.00/4.00

f. To be successful in the interview or quapfication assessment made by the department (Requirement for programs offering degrees with thesis).

h. To submit two reference letters.

g. The final evaluation score for master programs with thesis is calculated as such: 50% of ALES score, 10% of CGPA, 30% of the interview score, 10% of Engpsh precedency exam score.

h. The final evaluation score for master programs without thesis is calculated as such: 50% of CGPA, 50% of the interview score.

i. For admission requirements for foreigners , İstanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University Directive on Rules and Procedures of Apppcation and Registration of Foreign Students can be referred.

Registration Documents

a. Apppcation form

b. Original or Notary certified copy of Undergraduate Diploma.

c. Copy of the identity card or Passport

d. Original or Notary certified copy of Undergraduate transcripts

e. Vapd Exam Score (ALES / GRE / GMAT)

f. Engpsh Proficiency Exam Score (YDS or equivalent)

g. 2 photographs

h. Certificate of exemption from miptary service

i. Bank receipt certifying the payment of the tuition fee

Tuition Fee

For Master’s degree with thesis: 11.000 TL.

For Master’s degree without thesis: 8.250 TL.