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About The Program

Human should be considered as a whole with his culture, beliefs, opportunities, social and physical environment. Anthropology explores human from this holistic point of view. As a subfield of anthropology, the applied anthropology determines and solves problems with the unique research methods of anthropology. Being a field of applied anthropology, Medical Anthropology offers a different perspective to the health problems of the society by examining sociocultural basis of health status.

Medical Anthropology focuses on health and health-related issues, their meanings and causes in different cultures, since health and disease related practices are shaped by culture, which means health problems are influenced by beliefs, family and kinship, education, economic structure, geographical conditions, behaviors and social changes in societies.

The issues, which are studied within the scope of Medical Anthropology, are the subjects that are both nationally and globally on the agenda and require urgent solutions. In this context the topics covered in Medical Anthropology are:

  • Types and causes of diseases in populations
  • The perception of diseases and health in populations
  • Cultural differences of disease treatment
  • Health service systems and economical approaches of diseases
  • Death and funeral procedures and attitudes of death in populations
  • Health and its relationship with the environment
  • Health problems caused by human behavior and lifestyle such as obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, smoking, alcohol dependence
  • Issues related to the elderly population, home care
  • Disability issues, societies' approach to disabled people
  • Psychological problems caused by urbanization, migration and isolation

Medical Anthropology Master’s Programme aims to provide a cultural viewpoint to health problems, to develop health strategies and policies appropriate to the culture of society, to reduce the cost of health / care services, thus to implement more effective and effective benefits.

Graduates from social sciences such as communication, economics and administrative sciences, law, psychology, sociology, anthropology can apply to Medical Anthropology Master’s Programme in addition to those working in the field of health and education. This program is also open to those willing to conduct interdisciplinary studies, to the employees in research companies, non-governmental organizations and multinational companies, as well as to candidates aiming to work in international organizations.