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About the Faculty

Istanbul Yeni Yuzyıl University Faculty of Pharmacy was started education in the 2010-2011 academic year with the inauguration of the University. Besides the theoretical and practical undergraduate program, the faculty offers graduate degrees. The faculty fulfills this function with its innovative, constructive and dynamic faculty staff with international experience connected to the main departments.

To be able to do education and to be successful in Faculty of Pharmacy, it is necessary to have a great scientific curiosity, interest in science and especially chemistry. Because physics, mathematics, basic anatomy, physiology and predominantly chemistry courses are given in the first years of the Pharmacy undergraduate program. Students learns pharmaceutical raw materials, drug production techniques and methods predominantly in the last two years. The training is supported by the whole infrastructure so that the knowledge and skills in the profession are complete.

Theoretical and practical courses are performed in the places of the Faculty of Pharmacy. Internship are carried out in pharmacy, industry and hospitals at different periods during the pharmacy education. Our students who possess the most important privilege of studying at İstanbul Yeni Yuzyıl University Faculty of Pharmacy, have an opportunity to work in hospitals as a clinical pharmacist that requires cooperation between patient-physician as provided theoretical and practical knowledge.