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About the Faculty

Our mission

The misson of the Faculty of Medicine of İstanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University is to educate physician who:

• are fully well versed and capable of using technology,

• are armed with the latest knowledge and experience,

• can provide the correct diagnosis and use the most recent treatment methods,

• respect patient’s rights and can communicate positively and effectively with the patients or the guardşans of the patients,

• provide contemporary, scientific and qualitative health care to humanbeings without any diccrimanation,

• contribute to the research and the progress of the medical world in national and international level.

Our vision

The vision of Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University Faculty of Medicine; to provide education with the most advanced knowledge and the most advanced medical techniques at the national level, to be the brand with the quality of the health service to be offered to the society and individuals, to reach the most qualified level among the leading medical faculties in national and international platforms level of reference

Principles of Medical Education

The aim of medical education is:
To establish the basis of general medical education which prepares students for specialization after graduation.

• To give priority to community needs
• To develop knowledge and skills based on competence
• To train professionals with technical skills

Training model: Integrated system
For meeting the requirements of the era of continuous change by creating a flexible and dynamic curriculum framework

The purpose of the education program is:

• To develop an attitude based on skill development by integrating basic sciences, clinics and psychosocial sciences
• Provide a comprehensive approach to general education
• Strengthen the ability to develop solutions from problem analysis and synthesis
• To work multidisiplinary
• Convert problem solving with clinical skills for the most effective patient care
• Gaining skills and developing practical experience
• To learn the concept of first aid, to consolidate and to ensure error-free implementation.

Integrated system advantages:

• Avoid unnecessary repetitions and conflicts
• Ensure content priority and compliance
• To be able to partition information

Integration should be done both horizontally and vertically

• Cell - tissue - system transition should be provided
• Normal abnormal concept should be consolidated
• Different perspectives should be synthesized for the same problems
• Integrating problem solving and activity teachings
• Facilitate the transition between organ systems and biomedical approach