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About the Faculty


Our University Law School aims not only to become an institution that gives only undergraduate education in our increasingly complex social life but also, aims to become a social education center at the same time and especially in our increasingly intensified social, commercial and cultural relations.


A jurist is a pioneering social figure that puts forward the rules that govern the society in which it operates and the rules governing the relations in that society in a healthy manner when it comes, applies or follows its implementation. This changing role is embodied in such professions as lawyer, judge, prosecutor and notary public. It is the Faculty of Law that holds the monopoly of raising the lawyers. For this reason, the quality of teaching is the most decisive factor in the formation of the legal notion of the jurist candidate and in the acquisition of university culture.

With this awareness of responsibility as İstanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University Faculty of Law; we are aiming at a meeting between the generations of law professors who are experienced and academic professors as well as dynamic and qualified young cadres. In addition to traditional law education, we also meet today's needs.

İstanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University Faculty of Law is a city university as well as these qualifications. There is no doubt that the opportunities that İstanbul offers to the residents of the city and to the students who come to this city for learning purposes are limitless. In this exciting city, the opportunity to participate in numerous scientific activities as well as cultural and artistic activities is extremely extensive. Our university supports the development of our students in the intellectual sense and the utilization of opportunities of our city as well as the support of the activities of the student clubs in this direction as well as the possibility of realizing similar activities in their own fields. Our university is characterized as the biggest problem of being in Istanbul; the problem of transportation also goes beyond its central position. It is possible to reach our university by all means of public transport in Istanbul.

Since law is an applied science, it is not enough to psent only the theoretical knowledge to students. Taking this into consideration, our faculty will not only bring you together with the judiciary members, lawyers with deep professional experience and notaries to ppare you for the professions you will do; will also ppare you for these roles through hypothetical court contests. Graduate programs will serve you, so that you can train yourself and start your working life with more solid steps. We hope that your faculty will be an academic home for you, jurist candidates. Inside our faculty, a peer-reviewed journal of Law Faculty is also being published. In addition, it is encouraged that you jurist candidates also take out student journals and gain experience in this field.

Nowadays, it is not expected that lawyers should have a mastery of the legal systems of their own countries, but it is expected that they should also have knowledge about other legal orders because of the intensification of international relations. In order to serve this purpose, in addition to the courses of Law School and Law Grammar, there is also the opportunity to study abroad in the framework of the Erasmus agreements made by universities abroad.

Dear Jurist Candidates,

We are very happy to see you among us as a family of İstanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University. Welcome…


• To educate lawyers who are knowledgeable, inquisitive, self-confident, internationally competent and in harmony with society.

• Providing information to students and providing them with a student profile to explore.

• Ensure that students have a good undergraduate degree in order to be able to master basic legal knowledge, dominate concepts, rules, principles and resources.

• To provide the opportunity for the students to take courses from competent faculty members and to be in contact with these faculty members at all times.

• Realizing the sharing of experiences and examples by bringing together students and students who are in the foreground and in the field with the awareness that the legislation courses are not enough.

• To educate jurists who have the dynamism to participate in the solution process by supporting the student organizations not only by acquiring law formation.

• To train jurist who take their conscience as a guide.

• To have a profile of lawyer, judge, prosecutor and academician working in the understanding of right and justice.