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About The Department


The Faculty of Health Sciences has aimed to become an institution that has caught the change in the health field with 5 different departments it has hosted and educates the individuals who will lead the health sector not only in Turkey but also in the region.



Health care is the whole set of tasks to be accomplished with zero mistakes, with excellent standards. Functions that require such precision require teamwork. In this process, other items of the team as well as the doctor must be successful. It should not be forgotten that the speed of a machine is the slowest running piece. Our faculty train its staff who are indispensable, dynamic, knowledgeable and skilled in this team with the Departments of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Nutrition and Dietetics (English), Nursing, Occupational Health and Safety and Health Management.



· To ensure that the laboratory conditions are at the highest level and beyond the age limit,

· Knowing the necessities, educating the health personnel who can solve what, where and how to find them,

· To ensure that student dominate over their special field, full self-confidence and entrepreneurial students,

· To establish awareness of the importance of health and its practices must be perfect,

· To gain awareness that self sacrifice is part of health care



Physiotherapists provide services to improve, maintain and regulate people's lifelong maximum functional abilities. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation applications are necessary for healthy and sick people, disabled and handicap people in every period of life.

Objectives of physiotherapy and rehabilitation are to maintain a healthy and productive life, to shorten the duration of illness and to obtain and maintain the most productive level in case of disability.

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation applications contribute to the development of society and increase productivity and serve a wide range of fields. For this reason, the necesity for the physiotherapy profession, which develops rapidly and has various specialization areas, is rapidly increasing.

If our students successfully complete the training process, they will graduate with the title of "Physiotherapist". It is aimed to educate the students who can produce information in the direction of professional ethics principles and a scientific point of view with interactive and student centered methods in education and teaching of the students. The training program includes theoretical and practical courses in biology, physics, behavioral science, basic medicine and clinical sciences, theoretical and applied vocational courses and internships in various fields (hospitals, rehabilitation centers, special education institutions, rest homes, schools, factories etc.) And clinical applications.

The number of physiotherapists in our country is very insufficient compared to the population. The target of the program; To prepare our students to be entrepreneurs, experts and researchers / academicians in the private and public sectors in the field of health; Physiotherapy centers, special education centers, sports clubs and other private sector organizations as well as public institutions to provide information and skills to provide. They will also be researchers or academicians by continuing their postgraduate studies at universities and research institutions.