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About The Department

Occupational Health and Safety Bachelor of Science Degree Education started in Istanbul Yeni Yuzyil University for the first time and became more important with the passing of 6331 no. Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Bachelor of Science Degree about Occupational Health and Safety Education, which is started firstly at our university in Turkey, became more important with the 6331. number of Turkish Law , Occupational Health and Safety. This occupation is one of the most brilliant fields among popular jobs, today and in the future. Occupational Health and Safety is defined for all workers as “State of complete physical, mental, and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity ”. In order for the workers work safely in their workplaces, Safety Specialists are needed for giving safety service and conciousness to them for executing all the necessities about safety issues with the legitimized process.

Occupational Health and Safety department intends to educate students about knowing the safety problems of workers, possesing the safety of products, equipments, machines and media. It also aims to have students well-educated and quality focused for possessing the knowledge of workers legal rights, getting the knowledge of solving safety engineering problems, and graduating sudents as System Managers.

Occupational Health and Safety services are the fundamental issues for common points of every working life, the students who have been graduated from this department can work all over this entire working sectors. All industrial fields, private and public sectors, need to have worked these graduated students of Occupational Health and Safety specialists by the law. Our graduated students will be highly demanded from private and public sectors with a BS degree.