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About The Department

Nutrition is a modern, rapidly developing and multidisciplinary science. It is a fact supported by a lot of scientific data that optimally maintained diets balanced in health protection and disease treatment processes are seriously beneficial to human health. Therefore, the Nutrition and Dietetics field shows a rich potential for the future in order to improve human health and provide services.

In today's world of globalization, sharing of knowledge and skills at the international level is the subject of education, and it should be the goal to make use of the data obtained from the scientific world and to produce new data through research. One of the main advantages of the program, in which English is the language of instruction, is that literacy, research articles, and even educational books are thought to be largely English, and students gain the ability to directly access the main sources in their fields.

The education of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics is in English. If our students successfully complete the education process, they will graduate with the title of "Dietitian". The aim of our department is to educate in dietary programs that can determine the energy and nutrient requirements of different age groups, provide solutions to nutrition and dietetics to individuals and groups, prepare and implement special dietary programs for the clients and perform the activities of production, management and organization, research and development. It is also aimed to identify problems specific to the needs of the Turkish society in the nutritional field. The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics interacts with many disciplines and disciplines such as medicine, food engineering, food technology, sociology, psychology, and economics

Our graduates will be able to work in all health units (hospitals, mother-child health centers, dialysis centers, policlinics, etc.), various public and private organizations, catering establishments, hotels, nurseries and food industry and universities nutrition and dietetics departments. It will be a great advantage to provide English language courses on nutrition and dietetic principles and practices and to enable students to maintain and improve their language skills.