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About The Department

The health care industry is undergoing significant growth and change. Technological changes also producing new alternatives treatments and it leads to change expectations of people. Thus, hospitals becoming larger and more specialized. Correspondingly, health care services become more improved.

In today’s environment, hospitals and healthcare providers want the healthcare managers who are brave, innovative, visionary, and influential management skills due to the rapid advances in the health care industry.

Istanbul Yeni Yuzyil University, Depatment of Healthcare Management programme prepares such managers and it will equip middle and upper level health managers of the future with leadership knowledge and skills to meet the need of senior manager in developing health system.

We aim to educate highly qualified professional health managers who are self-confident, know the country and the world well, adopt the changes, inquire contemporary and universal values, developed communication skills.

Details about Programme

* The language of instruction is Turkish.

* In the first years, programme starts with the basic courses related management and business. These courses are Introduction to Management, General Business, Basic Law, Introduction to Economics.

* Since the third year specific courses about healthcare management are given. Courses are Management in Healthcare Services, Health Systems and Policy, Epidemiology, Public Health, Marketing Management in Healthcare, Health Economics, Health Law.

Employment Area

Istanbul Yeni Yuzyil University Department of Health Management graduates are employed:

* The Ministry of Health’s central and provincial organizations

* Turkish Armed Forces health administration units

* Public and private health insurance companies

* Non govermental organizations related with healthcare

* Public and private hospitals

* Pharmaceutical companies

* Medical device and equipment companies