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About The Department

The four years of Bachelor of Arts (BA) program in Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department in ISTANBUL YENI YUZYIL UNIVERSITY offers “Interior Architect and Environmental Designer” degree to its students. Interior architects and environmental designers often work with other architects and engineers to determine how spaces will look, function and will be furnished. They design environments that often require consideration of both the functionality and the appearance of the space as well as consideration of the safety. Interior architects do often interact directly with the clients of projects to identify the needs and they design the environment accordingly. The language of education in the Interior Architecture and Environmental Design of ISTANBUL YENI YUZYIL UNIVERSİTY is Turkish. An optional preparatory school is available to the students for learning the Turkish language.

Working Areas of Our School of Architecture Graduates

· All public based institutions, private companies, private offices, all municipalities.

· All ministries and other engineering related institutions, central and provincial organizations of management units.

· Turkish Armed Forces’s relevant administrative units.

· Banks and public & private insurance companies.

· Non-governmental organizations dealing with engineering.

· They can also work as mid-level and senior level manager in all enterprises.