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About The Department

Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Biomedical Engineering is conferred after completion of four years of undergraduate coursework in ISTANBUL YENI YUZYIL UNIVERSITY. Courses of study in Biomedical Engineering are diverse as the field itself is interdisciplinary. Students who earn a BS degree in Biomedical Engineering will have a background in basic sciences as well as learning mathematical and engineering methods. By definition, "Biomedical engineering involves applying engineering principles to create solutions for healthcare" and "deals with the design and development of medical products". Biomedical Engineering graduates are often employed as designers of biomedical equipment and devices (such as artificial organs, replacements for body parts and machines for diagnosing medical problems). The Biomedical Engineering specialties include such specialties as the bioinstrumentation, biomaterials, biomechanics, tissue engineering, clinical engineering, medical imaging, orthopedic bioengineering, rehabilitation engineering and systems physiology. The language of education in Biomedical Engineering Department of ISTANBUL YENI YUZYIL UNIVERSITY is Turkish. Preparatory school is available, and optional, for learning the Turkish language.