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About The Department

Our Principle;

It is the implementation of "modern enterprise education and training program" supported by economics, accounting, finance, management, marketing and production management and technology science.


We educate our students to be individuals who have adopted analytical thinking and improved strategic planning- decision making abilities. We want our students to be master at technology, leadership, management, team-building, communication, marketing and production.

As the candidates for the future manager, students who are studying in our department; It is aimed to acquire the necessary information to gain from the top of the problems related to legal, administrative, financial and financial issues which are of great importance in industrial and commercial life, to develop the ability to make economic analysis and forecasting and to do their work "on time and in full".

Business Administration Employment Area;

Our students; They have the opportunity to work as specialists, inspectors, auditors, consultants and managerial candidates in business units (national and international businesses, banking and other financial institutions) and public institutions (related ministries, general directorates, state economic enterprises, economic state entities). The conceptual framework and applications of accounting and finance management and the independent accountant and financial consultancy profession are defined as self-employed.