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About The Department

Established with the understanding of reinforcing intellectual knowledge with the effect of practice by combining eyesight, the strongest sense of humans, with communication science and art, the Department of Visual Communication Design primarily aims to help its students gain a new world-view.

Visual Communication Design

The need for visual design is becoming more and more important in parallel with the developments in information communication technologies, digitalization and popularization of multimedia tools. This department raises inquisitive, critical experts and individuals, who will meet all kinds of visual design requirements in different media, who can create solutions by addressing problems from different perspective, and transform information and messages into visual design product.

In this department, our students take not only basic theoretical courses determined by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK), but also courses, which will help them gain intellectual knowledge related to the field, reinforcing design skills and creative thinking as well as applied fields such as basic art, desktop publishing, production, web and mobile design, 3D design and photography. While emphasis is laid on the theoretical courses in the first two years, we focus more on applied courses and (optional) courses in specialized fields. Departments of the students take the courses other than major area courses for the first two years, within the scope of the common curriculum with students of other departments. Towards the term of graduation, amount of optional courses increase in the curriculum. Accordingly, students are given the flexibility to take courses from other departments of the faculty in addition to their major area courses according to their interests.

Student graduating from the department of visual communication design can have employment opportunities in all fields of media sector related to visual communication. They can take office in the creative teams of agencies, particularly in advertisement sector, as art directors or similar positions, they can also be employed in the visual communication units of organizations, visual and design units of public relations organisations, and the designers in the new media. They can be assigned as researchers, executors, directors and communication specialists in various digital media and public organizations, Sprite Graphics, Mobile Application, Interface Design, Interactive Design, Service Design, Game Design, Website Design (web design), Illustration, Animation, Video Production and Post-production Specialists, Creative Directors (design and advertisement), Art and Cinematography Directors.