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About The Department

The purpose of the Department of Radio, Television and Cinema (RTS) is to educate qualified professionals with the knowledge and skills required by these fields. To be able to do a profession, one needs to be competent in three subjects. These are general culture, field knowledge and application skills of the profession. If you review our curriculum on our web page; you can easily see that these three dimensions are covered.

Radio Television and Cinema are the production technologies that are applied to influence, change, and transform almost every area of ​​individual and social life from entertainment to communication, promotion, information, education, and marketing and travel… Therefore, there are too many areas for RTS department graduates to study. Everybody knows that there are professions such as producer, director, cameraman, vision mixing, editing…in Radio, television and cinema industry. Beyond these; look at internet, mobile phones, subways and trams, banks or television monitors in hospitals ... we are surrounded by images. And all kind of videos shown on screens mentioned above will be ppared by RTS departments’ graduates.

In addition to our experienced instructors to train our students; there are laboratories and studios where students can practice. Our faculty; has a studio with three camera, radio and photograph studios, editing sets and computer labs. All vocational courses are held in these studios and laboratories.

STV department students experience TV studio and video production at the very beginning of their first year; and later, they gain experience on TV shows, fictions, documentary, video clips and fiction films Furthermore, we are able to publish the programs of our students with their own credits on the website of our university: tv.yeniyuzyil.edu.tr

Program structure

The use of audiovisual technologies in individual and social life is gradually expanding. Now we live in a visual world. The world known as internet in general, and social media; have expanded traditional working areas of Radio, Television and Cinema (RTS). The pparation of videos that are used intensively for the promotion, marketing, purchasing, banking, access to information, sharing of information and facts through social media is the work of RTS department graduates. Our students make use the knowledge and skills they have in documentary, advertisement, film, fiction or clip production for short audio and video programs that can be used for social media.