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About The Department

Nowadays, information is spreading rapidly. The traditional media environment does not have enough facilities and environment to spread the information. Traditional media cannot meet the needs of the digital age with one-sided and one-way communication style.

The gap that emerged in this regard can be filled with new media. Based on this need, our university has opened the New Media and Communication Department this year (2014-2015 academic year).

The new media provides the necessary environment for handling the news in depth. The communication of the Internet with mobile technologies and applications through computer technologies is the basis of the multimedia.

The Department of New Media and Communication has been established to meet these needs both theoretically and practically. In our department, we focused on the production and publication of visual, audio, written texts and development of projects for this kind of broadcasting in an interactive environment.

Our graduates will be able to work in media organizations in our department as well as the theoretical accumulation and experience they will acquire in this field as well as managers of their own media.