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About The Department

Turkish Language and Literature; as a developed science discipline, continues to maintain its prestigious place among the world’s oldest languages and literatures.

Turkish Language and Literature Department was opened in 2015-2016 academic year in the Faculty of Science and Literature of our university in order to convey the cultural heritage that Turkish nation created in the field of language and literature to new generations.

Our department aims to educate the teachers, researchers and scientists who are in need of the field by giving the students the ability of recognizing literary sources, literary personalities, interpreting and examining the works of Turkish Language and Literature during the four years by qualified and experienced instructırs.

Our students who graduate from our department will be able to enrich their fields by taking elective courses during their education and by doing side branches and double branches.

After completing pedagogical formation training, they will be able to teach in the field of Turkish Language and Literature in the private schools connected to the Ministry of National Education.

Those who have completed master’s and doctoral education from our students will be able to work as teaching staff at universities when they meet the necessary conditions.

Our graduated students can also be editors in radio and television and they can work in text writing publishing houses in newspapers, libraries, museums and variety of institutions like this.

The department of Turkish Language and Literature’s language is Turkish and the English preparatory class depends on the will of the person.


- The language of instruction is Turkish and English preparatory class is optional.

- Our students are given the opportunity to do “Double Major” and “Minor” if they can fulfill the required conditions.

- Our Students prepare ”Graduation Project“ in fourth grade to encourage academic studies and to enable them to specialize in their fields in the following years.

- There are lots of interdisciplinary education programs in our derpartment as well as it is provided to take the extracurricular courses that will contribute to cultural and intellectual developments.

- Our students are directed to attend symposiums and seminars both in our university and in different universities.

- Our department aims to educate Turkish experts who have the ability to analyze beyond knowledge under the leadership of faculty members who respected place in the Turkish scientific worl