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About The Department

Developments in technology at the beginning of this century allowed us to examine genetics in molecular levels. On daily basis, we learn new things about the mechanisms of inheritance to study how molecules, cells, tissues, and organisms operate. In the light of these developments, it has become an obligation for biology students to be educated at the molecular level.

In Istanbul Yeni Yuzyil University, as Molecular Biology and Genetics Department we adopt a modern education and research system. We provide research-based teaching to students and encourage them to produce new research projects. We believe that this is only possible by promoting an analytical way of thinking. Therefore, our first aim is to teach candidates of scientists of how biological systems work at molecular levels in harmony with their surroundings. Throughout their undergraduate education our students may take many different science elective courses to develop their perspectives of research area of molecular biology and genetics bases on both inductive and deductive ways of thinking. At their fourth year, our students have opportunities to prepare an original research project of their interest under the supervision of our instructors.

In our department, we hold on molecular biology and genetics with wide-broad spectrum. Instructors of our department conduct their researches in different areas with various organisms. Thus, our students have an advantage to direct their carreers in various areas including: academia, pharmaceutical discovery and development, biotechnology, environmental sciences, food quality control, and forensics.

As Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University Molecular Biology and Genetics Department, we are committed to generate, preserve and spread the knowledge with dedicated professionals, many of whom are renowned in their field of expertise and recognised internationally for their academic contribution. Our staff members focus on providing students with tools required educationally and personally to accomplish their goals. Briefly, Molecular Biology and Genetics Department is dedicated to promotion of creativity and ethics to achieve excellence in respective fields.