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About The Department

The Department of English Language and Literature at İstanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University generates an intellectual environment, where students are trained to develop interpretative sophistication and cultural awareness.

While our department’s undergraduate curriculum mainly concentrates on English literature, we also seek to cement our students’ knowledge in canonical and non-canonical works within the broader field of Western languages, literature and culture. With this in mind, our programme is designed not only to advance students’ written and spoken skills but also to improve their creative and critical thinking abilities.

The Department of English Language and Literature at İstanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University has a student-oriented education policy. We offer:

- face-to-face student consultation for students;

- interactive methodologies with student participation in the classroom;

- elective courses for students who plan to specialize in different disciplines;

- a chance to double-major or minor in relevant departments (Department of Translation, various departments in the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Communication)

- easy access to course materials and faculty

- active student participation in our conferences and other academic events Erasmus programs through which students have the chance to continue their undergraduate studies abroad and spend one or two semesters in different European universities

- social work projects and charities to bolster students’ awareness of humanitarian and environmental issues.

The medium of education is English. Those that pass the department’s English Exemption Exam or satisfy the English requirement through IELTS, TOEFL etc. begin their freshman year. Students who need to improve their English language skills attend our preparatory school. For interested students, we offer Italian, Spanish, Russian as a second foreign language.

Possible Career Fields for Department of English Language and Literature:

Students of English Language and Literature will find a wide array of job opportunities after graduation such as:

- English teachers in public or private schools

- English instructors in public or private universities

- Experts in foreign consulates and embassies, banks and foreign trade institutions, media corporations and tourism agencies

- Specialists in non-governmental organizations and the private sector.

In recent years, the above-mentioned fields have shown an exponentially growing demand in human resources. Aside from these opportunities, successful students may pursue their education in graduate schools in Turkey and abroad. M.A. and Ph.D. Degree Programmes in English Language and Literature at Istanbul Yeni Yuzyil University offer excellent opportunities for students to pursue a career in academia or to advance their skills for wider career aspirations.