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About the Faculty

Mission Statement of the Faculty Of Sciences And Literature

  • To provide a flexible and student-centered undergraduate education founded on sound academic principles and concordant with the changing demands of the modern world.
  • To develop a partnership between the university and the various other sectors of society.
  • To demonstrate a commitment to moral values and teamwork
  • To organize conferences, symposia, and seminars, thus create a framework for the exchange of ideas.
  • To create opportunities for Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University’s students and faculty to take advantage of international cooperation and exchange through agreements with the elite universities around the world.

The Vision of the Faculty Of Sciences And Literature

  • To found and then support a vibrant campus community that will both contribute to and derive support from the surrounding society in a multitude of ways.
  • To build an academic community of which members are proud to declare their affiliation in both a national and international setting.
  • To target a realistic and achievable degree of growth in qualitative and quantitative terms.